Frank Goforth

Frank Goforth—Horn

                Frank Goforth began with the OKC PHIL in its inaugural season in 1989 and has been playing the horn for 34 years. After being told in the fourth grade that he had the perfect mouth for the horn, he became dedicated to the instrument. Ironically he would later find out, after meeting his wife and shaving his mustache on her request, that the musculature of his mouth actually was quite wrong for playing the horn’s highest notes, which challenges him to this day. 

                Goforth enjoys performing Beethoven, Brahms, and Prokofiev in spite of the challenges those composers present for horn players. His musical influences include a list of supporters beginning with his elementary teacher, Mrs. Sanger, who started him on the horn, to Wiff Rudd, his first private teacher, who corrected his playing. But ultimately Goforth names his wife, Nancy Halliday as his greatest influence. According to him, she showed him the way a horn should sound and is his best inspiration. 

                Goforth has also performed with the Lawton Philharmonic and played the tuben (a baritone-like instrument that uses a horn mouthpiece) for the Wichita Symphony.  He has enjoyed his seasons with the OKC PHIL, citing the ability of the orchestra to perform great pieces of music together, as a community, as one of his reasons. 

                Goforth earned a bachelor’s degree of Music Education in Instrumental Music from Oklahoma Baptist University and a master’s degree of Music in Performance from Wichita State University. In addition to his music career, Goforth has been a computer programmer for 18 years. He is currently working toward teaching Cisco Routing and Microsoft Networking at Southern Nazarene University. 

                On the side, Goforth enjoys his collection of around 30 atypical board games, fly fishing, and with the help of his wife, training his two Shelties in agility (a course of jumps, ramps, teeter-totters, and weave poles). 

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