Classics 3 | Independent Creativity

January 26, 2019 8pm 

Alexander Mickelthwate, conductor
Yolanda Kondonassis, harp

BernsteinOn the Town: Three Dance Episodes

Brian EnoAn Ending (Ascent)

HigdonConcerto for Harp and Orchestra

MozartSymphony No. 41 in C major (Jupiter)

Reflecting our new Music Directors roots through the presentation of both German and American works, this concert features a reflection of a new found independence, free thinking and creativity as it was springing forth during the fight for independence during the American Revolution. In this program we present American composers from various times in history including Leonard Bernstein, Brian Enos and Jennifer Higdon, whose brand new Concerto for Harp features Norman native Yolanda Kondonassis. Collectively these American composers elevate the ideals of equality, freedom and democracy through their compositions, playing out the intentions of our forefathers through music.

Also on the program, one of the most prominent symphonic works ever composed was German composer Amadeus Mozart’s Symphony No. 41 C major, The Jupiter. As a German Freemason seeking similar independence with music, his composition is steeped in symbols of the historic free-thinkers of his time, connecting him creatively to those Americans carving a new way for freemen everywhere.

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