Mary Joan Johnston

Mary Joan Johnston—Violin

                Mary Joan Johnston started playing the violin at age five but gave up the instrument from time-to-time over the years; however, she’s been with the OKC PHIL since its inception.  In addition, her mother, who Johnston calls her greatest musical influence, was a member of the Fort Worth Symphony first as a violinist, then a violist. In spite of being a professional musician, she never pushed her daughter to play.

                Johnston recognizes Brahms and Rachmoninov as composers who inspire her the most but she enjoys playing the music of Samuel Barber because of his contemporary writing style.  Johnston has not only played with the OKC PHIL but also, like her mother before her, has played with the Fort Worth Symphony. However she enjoys returning to the PHIL each season because it gives her a chance to make music with her co-workers and friends. She also enjoys the music and guest artists with whom she will have the privilege of playing. 

Interestingly enough, Johnston’s degrees have nothing to do with music. She holds a bachelor’s of science in Biology and a bachelor’s of science in Health Care Sciences, however she still freelances as a musician.

Johnston is the mother of two, holds dual citizenship in the United States and France, her mother’s native country, and speaks fluent French.  She and her husband have been married for 32 years.

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