Plan Your Evening

We'll try to help make your concert experience great! Here are answers to a few of the questions we get regularly. Then browse this section for other helpful information.

Black tie or Khakis?
It's rare but we do occasionally see a gentleman in a tuxedo and a lady in a long gown. However if black tie isn't your style, then dressy evening wear, business wear, or business casual is acceptable at the Classics and Pops concerts. We welcome jeans, tee-shirts (especially if they sport an arts group logo) and shorts at our Discovery Family concerts -- although we see lots of very stylish youngsters for those Sunday afternoons too.

Your neighbor is late!
We know that you are never late for a concert but we try to be fair to everyone. Once Maestro Joel Levine takes the podium, we close the door to the hall and allow late seating only at an appropriate break in the program. Don't worry. Your neighbor will be able to watch and listen to the concert on the monitors in the lobby. Emergencies happen, and if you need to leave the concert before it ends, please exit during a break in the music.

Timing is Everything.
We understand that many people need to make arrangements for babysitters and rides and time is important. Normally, a concert presented by the Oklahoma City Philharmonic last two hours, which includes one intermission. You may always call the Oklahoma City Philharmonic box office at 405-TICKETS (842-5387) for the estimated length. The office is open Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Pops or Classics?
Having trouble choosing? Everyone has different tastes in music; so the more you know about what you are going to hear, the more pleasant the experience. The OKC Philharmonic presents both Classics and Pops concerts. Classics concerts offer symphonies, concertos and other works in the “classical music” tradition. Most classical concerts feature an internationally acclaimed guest artist who plays a solo piece with the orchestra. Pops concerts feature orchestral music that is outside the traditions of "classical" music. This includes music from Broadway, Pops and Light Rock favorites, Film music and Jazz. Internationally renowned guest artists perform with the Philharmonic or special "theme" nights offer great arrangements of popular hits.

Do I clap yet?
During a classical performance there are often three or four movements (or sections) to a single piece of music. Over time it has become customary not to clap during the pauses, or breaks, in the music. Perhaps the best way to know when to clap is by watching the conductor. When he turns to look at you, clap to your heart’s content, we guarantee that you won’t be applauding alone.

Cell phones and beepers.
Our record is unbroken. For the last three years, we have had an unbroken record of having a cell phone ring at some strategic point in every concert. Please don’t let it be yours. If you must leave your cell phone or beeper activated, please turn it to a completely silent mode.

Say Cheese…
Photos, video and audio recordings are not allowed at concerts due to contract agreements between the musicians and the Philharmonic. We’ll tell you to stop nicely the first time but promise that we get very mean if you persist. Then everyone feels bad.

Children and Concerts
We love children and we hope that they will one day be classical music fans, and in those hopes we present the Discovery Family Series for children of all ages. For the classical and pops series we will not admit children under the age of five to the concerts. And all children over the age of five will be required to have tickets, even if they will be sitting in your lap.

Lost tickets?
Someone left the tickets at home! Don’t worry, for a $1.00 per ticket service charge we will be happy to reprint your ticket. And the service is FREE if you are a subscriber. This service is available at the Civic Center box office before the concert.

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