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Music and Art have inspired generations of creative people. This program guides students in grades 3-8 to the path of creative expression through art as inspired by orchestral music. Teachers receive materials including a CD and program information. The artwork created by the students is selected for submission to the Philharmonic and a set of competition winners is chosen from all the entries. Winners have their works displayed at the Civic Center Music Hall and the Oklahoma City Museum of Art.

Youth Concerts

More than 17,000 children attend a free school-day Philharmonic concert designed just for young students at the Civic Center Music Hall. Presented in the Fall and the Spring, the Philharmonic Youth Concerts are performed eight times each year to accommodate the growing demand for participation by Oklahoma schools. From the 3rd to the 5th grade, and also including beginning orchestra and band students, young music lovers are welcome to attend. Please contact the Philharmonic education coordinator for more information. Information Request.

We've Got Rhythm

Currently, sixty-five schools participate in this award-winning program that serves as an introduction to the orchestra and works in conjunction with the school music programs to follow Oklahoma's PASS (Priority Academic Student Skills) skills. Third graders from all around the metro enjoy two classroom visits and a trip to the Civic Center for a performance by the Philharmonic.

Component #1 -- A Hands-On visit with our Instrument Playground allows the children to see, touch, and play instruments from each family of the orchestra. A docent from the Orchestra League will accompany to talk about each instrument family and the important role that each family plays in an orchestra.

Component #2 -- A Philharmonic ensemble performs a mini-concert for the children. The musicians talk about their instruments and discuss the elements of music, including melody, harmony and rhythm.

Component #3 -- Performance -- The participating 3rd graders join hundreds of other children for the Philharmonic's annual YOUTH CONCERTS at the Civic Center, which is a culmination of everything the students have learned from the past two components.

In-class materials -- Each participating teacher receives a teaching kit that includes classroom activities and a music CD that prepares the children for their visit to the Civic Center for the performance. Many teachers play the CD, which includes the music that will be performed at their concert, over and over during study and quiet work periods to familiarize the students with the music. Concert etiquette and other questions are covered in the materials provided.

For teachers in or around the metro-area, contact Katie Barrick, Education Coordinator, to find out if your school can participate.