Orchestra League

The Oklahoma City Orchestra League celebrates more than 60 years of service! Nearly 300 women and men give their time and talents to support the activities of the League.

Associate Board

For 40 years, the Associate Board of the Philharmonic has been made up of young professionals with an interest in the advancement of orchestral music in Oklahoma City. As ambassadors to the community for the Philharmonic, the group launched "Overture" -- a group designed for greater outreach, networking and encouragement of participation in the programs of the Philharmonic.


Overture -- Friends of the OKC Philharmonic is a membership group that offers a great way for young professionals to enjoy and support the Philharmonic. The group's activities include social events before and after select concerts, fundraising events, and hands-on support for the educational and marketing programs of the orchestra. Call (405) 842-5387 to join.  Visit the Overture Facebook Page here.

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