Anthony Stoops

Anthony Stoops—Bass, Co-Principal

                Anthony Stoops came to the OKC PHIL three years ago with 25 years experience playing the string bass. 

                His career with music began in an Ohio public school string program. During the demonstration of the instruments by the music teacher, he played the theme from Jaws on the bass. That settled the question. It was the coolest thing he’d ever heard (and he still thinks so).  Along with that bassist, Stoops has had many influential mentors in his life. He credits Stuart Sankey and Diana Gannett as the most significant but does cite that his friends and classmates have always helped encourage him to be a better person and musician.

                Before Stoops arrived in Norman some years ago, he’d played with quite a few organizations including the Detroit Symphony, the Columbus (OH) Symphony, the Michigan Opera Theatre, Toledo Symphony, Ann Arbor Symphony, and the Civic Orchestra of Chicago. However each new year here at the OKC PHIL, Stoops always looks forward to discoverying what’s on the new schedule.

                Stoops holds three degrees in music performance, including a bachelor’s of music from the University of Iowa, a master’s from the University of Michigan, and a doctor of musical arts from the University of Michigan.  Currently, Stoops is a professor of double bass and a chair of the string department at the University of Oklahoma, School of Music.

                In his spare time, Stoops enjoys fishing, cooking, swimming and, most of all, enjoys spending time with his two children, Henry and Sophia. His wife Emily is a cellist in the OKC Philharmonic as well.

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