Q: What is "classical" music?
The term "classical music" generally refers to music for a group of musicians who play traditional western orchestral instruments: strings (such as violins and cellos), woodwinds (such as flutes and clarinets), brass (such as trumpets and trombones), and percussion (such as the timpani, or kettledrums).
Two important forms of classical music are symphonies and concertos. A symphony is a major work, played by the entire orchestra. Most symphonies have two or more parts, called "movements." Some of the best-known classical symphonies have four movements: the first is fast; the second is slow; the third is music for a dance, such as a minuet; and the last movement, or the finale, is fast. A concerto is a musical composition performed by the orchestra and a soloist - who play in dialogue with one another. Most concertos have three movements.
During the performance, there is a short, silent pause between each movement of a piece. You can determine how many movements there are in a piece, and how many silent pauses there will be, by looking at your program -- the movements in each piece will be listed there. Applause is usually reserved for the end of the final movement of the piece, after the conductor has signaled the end of the final note with his or her baton or hand.

Q: Will I recognize the music?
Most likely you'll recognize parts of many symphonies, concertos, and choral works (classical works written for orchestra, volcal soloist, or choir). Music written by the great classical composers is frequently used in commercials, soundtracks, and television shows.

Q:  Will I like the Classics or POPS Series better?  
Do you prefer Broadway or Beethoven? Vaughn-Williams or Vaudeville? If you prefer the Beethoven and Vaugh-Williams side, you should probably enjoy our Classics Series. If you like Broadway and Vaudeville, you're most likely going to be a POPS Series fan. But always be sure to cross-shop. You never know what may catch your ear! 

Q:  What do I wear?
  Classics attendees usually wear their favorite date night attire. Formal dresses and tuxedos are not necessary. Pops attendees find casual cocktail most appropriate. 

Q:  When should I arrive?
  The lobbies of the Civic Center open one hour before each performance, so give yourself enough time to park, enter and relax. There are bars with everything from soft drinks to cocktails to candy bars. Keep in mind, our performances start promptly at their scheduled time, so late arriving ticketholders will not be seating until an appropriate time, which could be up to intermission.  

Q:  Where do I park?
:  There are parking lots surrounding the Civic Center and range in price from $5-$10. Metered street parking after 6pm is free.

Q:  Can I bring my cell phone or camera?
The OKC PHIL requests you turn off all cell phones, pagers, beeping watches, and other electronic devices before the performance begins. Keep in mind, this is a live concert and noise of any kind (talking, whispering, unwrapping candies, ringtones, vibrating phones or pagers) can be distracting to musicians and patrons. Also, even though your cell phone may be on silent, the light from the screen when in use, is also very distracting.  So try to hold off on texting, facebooking, tweeting, and other phone-related communication until intermission.  You'll enjoy the performance more and so will everyone else around you. 

Q:  Am I allowed to bring food or drink into the performance?  
For Classics Series performances, NO FOOD or DRINK is allowed. The only exception being bottled water.  For POPS Series performances, you may bring in your soda or cocktail, NO FOOD, but we ask you be respectful to those around you while consuming.

Q:  Can I bring my kids?  
Children are welcome at our three concert series for the whole family called the Discovery Family Series.  These performances are held on Sundays at 2:00pm, have all kinds of pre-concert activities and fun beginning at 1:00pm, and last just under an hour.  For more information, visit the Discovery Family Series page or call our ticket office at (405) 842-5387. 

Children under age 5 are not allowed at Classics or most Pops Series concerts, except for "The Christmas Show" held every December. Tickets are required for everyone entering the concert hall.  

Q:  Where can I go before the concert?
Downtown Oklahoma City has a variety of restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. Here's a comprehensive list from urbanspoon.com.

Q:  How do I purchase tickets?  
Tickets may be purchased in person at any of our ticket outlet locations, by mail, by telephone, or online. Single tickets will go on sale in September.  

Do you have a question we didn't answer?  Let us know what it is.  We'll get back to you A.S.A.P.

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