Joshua Bell!

Sat. April 15, 2023 – 8:00 PM

Civic Center Music Hall

Concert Details

Alexander Mickelthwate, conductor
Joshua Bell, violin

  • MENDELSSOHN: Violin Concerto in E Minor, op. 64
  • BEETHOVEN: Symphony No. 7 in A Major, op. 92

Guest Artist

Joshua Bell, violin


“What is greatness? Does this even exist in our times of ‘speaking MY truth?’ Beethoven spoke HIS truth by zoning in to the utter essence of an idea and then sticking with it, unrelenting, uncompromising. A master artist creating an architecture of sound and pure energy. The first movement of his Symphony No. 7 is based on a ‘one note rhythmical pattern.’ Celebrating the individual heart beat coming straight out of the French Revolution. Not greatness of the king but greatness of each individual being. The second movement is based on another one note rhythmical pattern. Like a laser beam cutting through all the clutter. A funeral march. A good-bye to the 18th century, welcoming the 19th century. And what a welcome it is in the fourth movement. Full speed ahead. What is greatness? Maybe it doesn’t even matter.
A performers greatness comes with his or her ability of deep concentration and ‘being in the zone?’ In the flow. Away from the magnetic attachment of ME. Open to possibilities in this very moment. And THIS moment. That’s what I experienced with Joshua Bell a couple of years ago. Authentic obsession to detail, full ownership and then being in the moment, creating anew.”

OKCPHIL Joshua Bell: Festival of the Arts Street Closure and Parking Information

Please be advised roads immediately surrounding the Civic Center are closed for the Festival of the Arts. We recommend arriving 30-45 minutes prior to your performance.
  • Couch and Colcord Drives are closed
  • Lee Ave and Walker Ave between Couch & Colcord Drives are closed
  • Street level lots immediately surrounding the Civic Center may be accessible from Robert S Kerr or Main St, but are on a case-by-case basis and are not managed by the Civic Center.
  • The Arts District Garage & Sheridan Garages are available for parking and are a short walk from the Civic Center.
  • Drop off for patrons with limited mobility should take place in the Me/CU drive thru. Patrons can cross Colcord and utilize the ramp at the south east corner of the building. Note that parking is not available at Me/CU. Drivers should enter and exit from Main Street.
All parking lots (including the VIP donor lot) will remain open, but access to entrances and exits will be available only from the “outer loop”, since Colcord and Couch will be closed.
On-street parking bordering Bicentennial Park will not be accessible while the streets are closed. Additional on-street parking will remain open on other surrounding streets. Additional parking may be found at the Arts District Parking Garage.
Pedestrian access to Bicentennial Park and Civic Center Music Hall will be maintained.
Patrons should allow extra time downtown during the closures.

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