Catherine Reaves is a founding member of the Oklahoma City Philharmonic. She is originally from Florida and earned an undergraduate from Stetson University, and a Masters from University of Northern Colorado. Additionally, she has played with Belo Horizonte, Brazil with Qrquestra Sinfonica de Minas Gerais and been Principal Second Violin for the Lawton Philharmonic.  She moved to Oklahoma in 1981 with two young daughters at the encouragement of Graduate school friend Debbie McDonnell (also violinist in the OKCPHIL), who told her there was a need for string players (cut teachers) here. She met Mike Reaves who was a contractor for the Oklahoma City Symphony, the predecessor of the PHIL, and they married. They were married for 33 years before his passing, and were music stand partners for 24 of those years.

What would you like the OKCPHIL patrons to know about you?  I thrive on making music on stage for them to enjoy. It’s the essence of my being and a part of my life for 40 years. I can’t wait for us all to (safely) be crowded into the Civic Center Music Hall enjoying music again.

What is the most unusual side job you’ve had over the years?  In the past, to make ends meet, Mike and I had a Candy Company. We sold candy to schools who then sold them for fundraising. Mike did deliveries and I kept the books. We did that for many years. Now I teach privately and perform with Mid America String Quartet.